Siyabonga Kekani

Hi, I’m Siyabonga Kekani currently president of the student representative council. I’m a qualified pastry chef awarded ‘most promising student of the year 2020’.
I believe to be a man with many talents and I strive for excellence in everything i do, my goal is to always be a better version of myself and inspire people to do great regardless of their circumstances.

Thelma Madavha

Hi , My name is Thelma Madavha and I’m your SRC and Secretary for this year , I’m an art person and a foodie, don’t mind the straight face it’s my normal look. My vision and mission is to make your life’s better , to have some fun time and to help you reach your goals and shine brighter than before

Zeenat Sallie

I’m Zeenat Sallie, also known as Zee and I’m a proud Sea Biscuit student at JCPS. My passion for pastry started in high school during the COVID pandemic. This turned into a business that still exists today.
I am also an alumni of the Columba Leadership program. Together with this and the knowledge I am currently taking in I am hoping to become a household name both locally and internationally in the pastry industry.

Nikita Mgudlwa

Nikita Mgudlwa the Vice Secretary of the SRC. I believe that excuses in life get you nowhere , instead determination & motivation is what gets you somewhere. Always keep your head held up high and believe in yourself because you have a story to tell and you matter.
I believe that being part of the SRC committee will open doors for me and the people I’ll be leading to have a better outlook on life and become who they’ve always wanted to be. Reason I’ve dedicated my life to becoming a chef is simply because I believe in feeding the whole table and not just myself.
I’m a person that shares a lot and sharing food is just a small part of who I am. Becoming a Chef would give me the platform to do what I love doing but also feeding the less fortunate and making sure everyone is okay.

Matthew Mcvey

Matthew Mcvey is the Vice President of the SRC. I am 20 years old Chef, born & raised in Johannesburg. Being a student/chef at JCPS has taught me a lot about myself, the real world and a true understanding of Unity.

Life is about the people you meet, and the things you build with them. I decided to grow, create & build with the people around me.