Have you ever been given a second chance to prove your potential?

The Sea Biscuit Foundation Scholarship Programme seeks to do just that by supporting previously disadvantaged youth to develop skills in the culinary arts.

The Scholarship Programme helps address the demand for proficient chefs in the industry whilst also tackling the challenge of unemployment facing many young people in Johannesburg. Participants will receive psycho-social support through a one year programme and an internationally recognised diploma accredited by City & Guilds Association of London upon graduation. In addition, participants will be placed in internships post-graduation.

The Scholarship Programme is an initiative of the JHB Culinary & Pastry School (JCPS), which opened its doors in 2012. To date, 80 students have completed the programme and nearly all of these students are currently employed or have started their own enterprise.

The Foundation and the Scholarship Programme are inspired by the story of ‘SEA BISCUIT’, a racehorse who overcame adversity to become one of the most famous racehorses of last century. Just like his trainer would not give up on him, we also will not give up on our youth. The co-founder of JCPS, Kelvin Joel, knows from personal experience that one can leave behind a misguided youth to achieve great personal and professional success.

Tuition Fees

No fee is too big or too small, we welcome any sort of contribution from our sponsors.

Internship Program

Organisations can assist by taking opening their doors for our students when they need practical or experiential training.


Foundation manager
Phone: +27 11 024 5277

SeaBiscuit Funded Students

These are some of the students that we have had the pleasure of assisting through the SeaBiscuit Foundation