Sea Biscuit Hall of Fame

Sea Biscuit Hall of Fame

Hlengiwe Sithole – International Diploma in Patisserie

I’ve always wanted to become a Chef so I approached the Johannesburg Culinary & Pastry School and started volunteering at the restaurant called Conception. It is there that I was awarded a Sea Biscuit Scholarship in Pastry.
I have learnt a lot thus far, how to be patient, strong and have sharp Pastry skills. I am very grateful for the opportunity and the school has given me hope for a brighter future.

Lubabalo Yanta – International Diploma in Patisserie

Born and bred in the dusty streets of Soweto, Meadowlands, I always knew that the kitchen was my favorite place at home. I always liked to experiment with food.
I came to Johannesburg Culinary & Pastry School and volunteered to help out with anything and everything. They then saw how passionate I was and offered me a scholarship for Pastry and at that very moment my life changed for the very best.

Ricardo Canada – International Diploma in Patisserie

I am from Rosettenville and I’ve always had a passion for cooking from a young age.

I heard about the Sea Biscuit Scholarship from my consumer studies teacher and I decided to enter the competition and won. This was the perfect opportunity to pursue my career as a chef. A long-life dream of mine. Being at the school has shown me how strong am I to become a chef. I’m confident that my future will be big and amazing and will bring so much more.

Clive Basson - International Diploma in Patisserie

I’m from Johannesburg South, I went to President High School where my consumer studies teacher Ms. Van Zyl gave me information about the Sea Biscuit Scholarship offered by the Johannesburg Culinary & Pastry School.

It was a dream come true! From a very young age I knew I wanted to become a Pastry Chef. Winning the Sea biscuit Competition afforded me to make my dreams a reality and I’m very grateful.

Zelmiria Zeferino Machaieie – International Diploma in Patisserie

My passion for culinary started at a young age growing up in a house with a chef, spending time in the kitchen was my favorite thing to do where I learnt to prepare and present the traditional dishes of the Portuguese Cuisine from my father. After I graduated high school, I started my career as a commis chef for a food and I learnt the ways of Greek cuisine, I worked my way up to becoming the head chef and there after worked for a year then I decided to study both culinary and pastry. In 2020 I began my studies where I heard about the Sea Biscuit Foundation and how It helped people. It was not long before my talent and passion was noticed and I was awarded the Sea Biscuit scholarship for my dedication. I was provided with the opportunity to study complete my diploma in Culinary arts and the following year to begin my studies of diploma in Patisserie.

Melany Louwskitte – International Diploma in Patisserie

I am currently a pastry chef . I am passionate and dedicated to pastry and willing to learn more about it. I am a Sea Biscuit student at JHB culinary and pastry school. I was deeply desired to study at a pastry school , pastry was all I saw myself doing. I enrolled to JCPS , however I could not stay because my student loan to study got rejected, however my lecturer for that small time I was at JCPS recommended to me through our schools liaison officer the Sea Biscuit Foundation , I signed up , got interviewed to take part in the competition and unfortunately I came in third place, it was worth the try . However a few months later, a very unexpected call from Shona Mills saying a sponsor came forward wanting to sponsor a student. and I got the chosen.

Simangaliso Ndlovu - International Diploma in Patisserie

I was once a sea biscuits student at the school, which is a scholarship given to students through winnings in a competition or being chosen by the school itself. In my situation, I’d like to think I was chosen by the school, mainly because I didn’t participate in their competition at the time. I was part of the anchor yeast competition, were I took the position five thus giving me the opportunity to choose what I would do with my winnings, I left the choice to anchor yeast in hopes that they’d know where to put me. That lead to me coming to Johannesburg culinary and pastry school, were the school also decided to give me a sea biscuit scholarship.